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Material Mate Cabinet
Material Mate Cabinet

The Rockler Material Mate is a dual-purpose panel cart/shop stand that makes it easy to roll 4' x 8' sheets from vehicles to storage or machining areas. The tilting top allows easy panel transfers from the Material Mate to a table saw, and also locks in the horizontal position to become a portable work table simply by adding a worktop. You can upgrade the Material Mate with our Storage Cabinet project plan. This cabinet turns the Material Mate into a rolling workstation.

The Material Mate Storage Cabinet project incorporates steps including cutting pieces to size, fastening butt joints, assembling drawers and installing slides. Once the cabinet is assembled, users can customize it by choosing a paint or stain if desired. The complete plan and additional project information are available at rockler.com/build. The free downloadable plan includes an exploded view of the project, a materials list, and several drawings to aid in the assembly process.